The true monastery was not dependant on the enclosure of walls. It was rather, a quality of consciousness or a state of heart that involved daily commitment to maintain an inner aloneness — that place where God and soul dwell in intimacy.
— Beverly Lanzetta

I’m working personally through an Ebook from Scribd “The Artist’s Rule” by Christine Valters Paintner..

Doing an exercise where I had to ask my inner monk, my inner artist three questions. These questions will initiate my quest through art of where I am currently in life and what questions I wished to ask God Spirit in me and therefore explore and express in this way.

Had to take three pieces of water colour paper and write these questions (after some contemplation) on the back. I was than to mix them up and turn them over.

Than without knowing which question was on the paper and in essence putting the questions aside for now. Using water colour paint and cut out pictures that I’m drawn too that resonate with me in a positive way and cover that paper as I felt at the time. Not to overly think it but let it flow freely.

I will add my 3 questions than the art that came about (unplanned) on the other side of the paper.. I was amazed how without knowing I was tuned somehow through my Spirit and God differently for each and yet how I’ve expressed myself and the ways I’ve done it do indeed speak to me about that particular question amazingly.. Unlike so many times before I will let me art speak for itself.

The whole process shows me God is involved with my creativity, spirit, what I’m sensing and feeling and expressing. I can see more and more messages speaking to me as I look at them and contemplate further..

First Question

How to bring out from the treasure trove inside?


What is Gods path for me through inspiration, writing, encouragement, spirit, truth and yet still being in isolation?

The funny thing is this question seen here in my own handwriting and I have to share the way I’ve written the word “writing” it also looks like waiting… Strangely both words fit.. God is saying to me that the waiting is important enough to question.. 🙂



What does my journey teach me?



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