Ohh haven’t been been here so long..


So to get myself back in the flow.. Post book that I’m reading that’s inspiring me today..

When my psyche takes a battering my creativity and soul just stops flowing..

Had personals trials and a teenage son struggling at school and with mental health. Just every day life can drain you..

I started a new type of journal this year that combines not just writing and thoughts but art as well. Started off well but the art and color dwindle away when my soul suffers. Thankfully I’ve pushed through with journaling.

I do tend to stay positive but that’s not the whole truth is it. Sometimes you have to let it rip lol and tell the dark moments too. Which is why the quote below touched me so deep today. Deep enough to move me here again.

I have a pile of books I dip into a little at a time lol. I so wish I could post my Goodreads book list here but I can’t make it show for some reason.

This is a very very timely quote below.. Creatives sometimes are not able to converse with everyone it’s hard to find people who talk openly about everything. Being almost deaf that list dwindle even more..

Oh how good it is to get a blog post out again..

“A healthy environment for imagination requires that emotions can come without restriction. This may not always be possible with other people around because not everyone can handle that kind of freedom.

When you find a place and people in which you can just allow your emotions to flow from an authentic place, then you have found treasure

Pattie Ann Hale from her book.. Find it on Amazon or buy it from her site..

Pattie Ann Hale – Fine Art



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