Defining 2014 and looking ahead


I’m still going through it. 2 months to go thereabouts. But I need to set habits and feel good about that. I would love to be more organized and useful with what I have. I don’t know how to describe this year. Difficult because of isolation and problems with people. Learning to let go of people or not worry about them. Learning that I can control what I do not just simply be knocked about but see it as opportunities. Need to realize this year has been a gift. A gift to show that this is what happens when you let life just happen to you.
See people for what they are. Maybe jealous. But I don’t have to react to that. But separate myself from that and not take that on board. People are noticing my writing. I need to work on that more. I have enjoyed picking up more books. Its been good saying no but I find other people don’t like it even when they tell you you should say it. 🙂

There is a flow to the spiritual I definitely do best in that. There is joy in GODS presence definitely need to stay aware of HIM. Not be afraid. HE is with me. HE is able. HE is.. This year my word was Jubilee. I have seen it. In things that have come my way. They always have and they always do. This months word is Authority and next is Soul mate.
I’m thinking that what is coming to me so much of it I do so little to receive it so it gives me so much hope and now the choice is before me to recognize what I’ve got, run with it and use it.
GOD is my father so it is all mine, ours etc. Right now even at this very moment but it always has been and when you realize that.. there is the Jubilee.
Its the rising up and believing it. Mostly we live like paupers. We hoard. We moan. We live within our circumstances. we talk about anything but this grand life we have been given. We are not happy and realizing life is a gift to benefit from and enjoy. GOD has done it all through JESUS. Finished. Possession is not the issue. Believing it is and living from this abundance. That is faith to live not by physical but by the Spirit. How much do I have in my room right now? So many gifts and even a portal like this (internet) that takes me all over the world. My writing, my spirit, my soul, my art, my presence, my faith. LOL. Can’t get better than that.

I love that even though humanly and physically you can seem trapped, isolated and useless. Its exactly opposite in GODS realm there is no limit. I mean nothing can separate us from HIM..
Everything comes back to HIM anyway but HE doesn’t hold anything against us. At any moment we can turn it all around.
So really no matter the bad behind us or around us its always good.. Like I just replied to friend Christine on face book. It will all work together for good.. all of it.
I just thought of this verse below. Even though so much seems a waste, unused or it can seem we are left on a shelf or its totally impossible and difficult. HE will and does use it all. I think that is what makes you look at your life and where you are, how you are, what has happened and what hasn’t and realize its all still very good and HIS kingdom always rules! Cream always rises to the top.

John 6:12 “Gather the pieces that are left over. Let nothing be wasted.”FullSizeRender


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