Faith of the Soul


I’m in midst school holidays and planning a trip away tomorrow and I’m taking my time with the art course I’m doing. Mess everywhere behind me on the kitchen bench lol. I knew that my raindrops would be tear drops.

(Current week I’m up too is called “Shape of the Soul”.. Water & Rain.. I created the stencil of rain drops myself!! )

It was so comforting to make grey tear drops.. because I have seen lots of sorrow in my life. A man friend said there was a lot of pain and sadness in me that he was aware of. The scripture about GOD keeping track of our sorrows is amazing.. find it in psalm 56:8.

That HE records each tear in a book /his book. I outlined every tear because although over my life I have shed many tears in private GOD knows every single one of them.. That HE collects them means nothing bad we go through is for nothing… because otherwise why keep track and record of them!! Our pain and suffering has purpose.. everything we go through is precious to GOD.

It felt wrong to do my person or self in black but yet there is another scripture about weeping may stay for the night but joy comes in the morning.. Psalm 30:5 so even though I am saved… redeemed and glorify GOD in my life. I still acknowledge that the earthly life has darkness and light as well.. day and night.

So even in grief or sorrow or difficulties there is always hope of joy to come.. our faith may be tested too but our soul can look up and hold our head up because there are many promises of good to come no matter the length of our night. Faith in GOD makes us look up and even give thanks.




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