Shape Of The Soul – Angel Wings


Sharing my art here from “Made” art course I’m currently doing which combines art and faith.. This is day 2 of week 4… Shape of the Soul.. Angel wings..
Wings are from stencils I made myself! I didn’t have the exact supplies to make stencils so used a craft knife on what looked like the transparent sheets you use for overhead projectors.

The writing I will post here it explains why I did this piece which might be too hard to read on the art piece itself.. The pic of the man I used was on Australian TV and is one of the happiest humans I’ve seen.. Unfortunately his pic was across a double pic and one of his arms didn’t make it but he is a good example of the “angels” I might have seen!!!!!!!!

Its at difficult times *angels* have appeared in my life.. Now they may or may not have been angels but seemed strategically placed so they could be easily seen. Each time I’ve seen them I’ve been mightily encouraged. Both times it seemed time was slowed at the precise moments I saw these *angels*. I’ve seen two at least that have stood out to me. Standing at the side of the road. Looking outward.. Extremely happy. If angels there was nothing stand out human wise in appearance except the joy.
There were other people in the car both times that saw these *angels*. Everyone noticed them. These people/angels were abnormally happy and afterwards we all talked about them… I was personally lifted in spirit even though physical things around me were still hard. I looked upwards instead of being frustrated. I began thanking God and still do! Its what this art represents to me today.



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