Solitude is different than Loneliness


ROOT: 30 Day Journal Project
Day 22
Today’s Inspiration:
Solitude is the cure for loneliness. Like cures like.
— Caroline Casey said that.

Solitude is different than loneliness because…

Your making use of it.. your time. It can be a very sacred place. Loneliness speaks to me of sadness.. Disappointment.. Being very unsettled in your circumstances. Sorta like a crises and a saga but only for one. But today for me its been filled with purpose.

Tonight is a funny night to write this prompt because my ex husband has the kids and its school holiday so they are away a bit longer than normal. I have been alone most of the day.. I did say to my mother I missed the kids and I don’t like being alone so much. And then when my oldest daughter came home.. My mother said to her that I was feeling lonely.. That’s not quite true.. I’m missing company and it is very quiet but I’m not missing the fact I can do my art without feeling guilty that I’m being selfish with my time. If the kids were in the house even if we are doing things separately I always feel some guilt.

The wonderful thing about this solitude is I can do art to my hearts content. I have time to sit and think undisturbed. I don’t mind my own company. I often laugh at myself and talk to myself… So I do keep myself good company lol. My biggest downfall is… Simply wasting this time.. Switching off in front of the TV… Or spending ages playing games on the iPad or just going from here to there on Facebook.. That sort of thing. When instead I really like to read or write or blog or create things or tidy the house or go out and about or pray to God or pray for others.. So many things you can do on your own that aren’t so easy to do when company is about but not using your time wisely can suck it all away and leaves you feeling morose and empty.
Making art is solitary. It can be isolating.. But it truly fits into my life and it satisfies me and I hope it blesses others too.

This prompt coming up on a day I’m alone a lot encourages my soul to embrace it and see it as a gift. To indeed bloom here where I’m planted.
To not be discouraged.. Or think dry thoughts or become weary in this life.. God is with me here.. My heart loves to feast on inspiration. I love that this page is full even on a quiet day!
I find God on my pages.. In my room and in my solitude. He satisfies me. I talk to Him about all sorts of things. My heart is always involved so its personal and meaningful to me. I find joy here.. Freedom. This place of solitude is not so scary and definitely not fencing me in.

The 2nd pic is my art journal cover this pic is created in.. Ta da.. More solitude huh! Its been my lot in life for quite some time now. But it can be a beautiful place.. Where you learn to hone in to God and know His presence in a way you couldn’t if you lived a busier life with lots of distractions..

Also added in a pic of recent stamp purchases.. I ordered the set just so I could have the “I am Grateful” stamp specially to stamp in as a daily reminder to write in my diary things I’m grateful for.. Oh my how this helps to overcome the trials and dark days and keep my mind and heart looking up.





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