Remember Who You Are


ROOT: 30 Day Journal Project

Day 21 (haven’t given up this project)

Today’s Inspiration:

remember who you are

In Spanish:

recuerda quien eres

– A message spotted painted on the side of a building in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

In between waiting for this new week “Made” materials to come through I will continue on with this project.
I’m a kind of loner so I always sit with self.. The last couple of “Made” posts I was focusing on my weak self amidst the greater spiritual learning.. Difficulties and such… But this one is fun and positive.

A little disappointed the “Made” course is not teaching more art techniques. Not much new art journalling know how. I don’t even know the technical terms lol. The backgrounds, step by step tutorials kind of thing.
Spiritual side of it yay! Definitely meeting new people and going through the material and seeing others work is wonderful.. Its opening up myself to more of Gods Spirit through my art and self so that’s a bonus!

Finally getting some feedback.. What others see or feel because of my art.. A few more comments really helps me be more fearless and lose myself more and more into the process.. We really do need one another!

I know I see improvements and more of a connection to others. That’s what I want…

I watch X-Factor Australia.. And the judges often talk of the contestants connecting with the audience. Its something any artist longs for that soul to soul understanding. Where who you are and what you desire to share is conveyed in what your bringing forth… Its felt in the heart. It moves people. It touches soul deep.

At the core of every person is a unique soul/spirit unlike any other and when we remember who we are there’s an authenticity that cannot be replicated.
I’ve heard the judges say many times to the X-Factor contestants stay true to who you are.. Its how we all should be in life!



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