Wall is broken down


Sharing page three for the first week of “Made” art course I’m doing!

We were asked to create a brick wall, that symbolises the way we separate ourselves from God. (For me personally these boldly documented words in my pic are the things I’ve found try hard to come between God and I.)
You know the things in your life that are personal for you that are barriers between you and God. Create a collage.
Choose materials carefully, what things speak to you of that barrier. Cover it with other materials to create a brick wall.
Create a list of words that are the things that create barriers between you and God. That make this chasm feel so wide that I’m unable to reach the God who loves me.

Then we were to cut these bricks and add them to other pages we created earlier.. I deviated from that, creating this page. My explanation below.

My wall was thick and deep and wide and the bricks heavy and huge..
Underneath each brick I’ve written all the things that have disappointed me about my life… So these bricks are very multi layered.

But its completely broken down by Jesus.. He has made a way through and He is the only answer. Although all of the bricks are physical and still affect me in some way or another.
I’m spirit, a new creation and I’ve overcome through Jesus..
All things work together for good to those who love Him.. 🙂
The back ground of swirling blue was the first thing I saw in my minds eye when thinking on this first week. It became the third and final background page for “Metaphor”.
Underneath are His everlasting arms. He has it all worked out from the beginning of time..

Need I say it again.. Yes I will..

All of it works together for good.



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