Enjoy Just Because


ROOT: 30 Day Journal Project

Day 20

Today’s Inspiration:

Enjoy your presence.

— Holiday greeting card message by Lisa Sonora Beam


Today’s Journal Prompt:

In this journaling process, I am discovering… enjoyment!

I collect pics from magazines and any place I can get them.. Just to combine them on an art journalling page in a book to keep is fun. I can flick through my art journals at any time and they cheer my heart.. This page on this day was simple.. Easy to put together and just flowed. Feel in myself peaceful and restful. You can put whatever you like together. In any way, shape or form! Sometimes you do fuss over how to make it relevant if you want to say something more and it takes time and effort. But this one was just straight forward.
Losing the fear of messy writing and wondering “does this go with that”.
I am finding time to do it even though this 30 days has been more spasmodic. I haven’t given up and I admire that in myself. Also I’m not putting off finishing this just because I’ve started something else. I have wondered why I keep sharing or want too.. I don’t know I just do.. Yes I can understand why people with obvious talents share it. But really if you think about it not that many ordinary people just share everything like this.. Ha ha and that makes me smile.

For my “Made” art course I explained about it last post. A friend has been watching the videos and will sit and type out the dialogue! Can you believe she’d go to the trouble of this for me!!! So beautiful.. Some of the teachers are looking at ways to help me be more able to participate. I mean I enrolled fully knowing I wouldn’t hear any oral dialogue. So they don’t have to do anything more. But that they are aware and will look into it makes me feel wonderful and special..

Art is therapy. Its healing and opens up my world. Ha ha its hard to hold back buying more materials 🙂 I’m so much happier in myself doing this daily.
You can see what I do is very simple but that’s me!



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