Stirring stirring


ROOT: 30 Day Journal Project

Day 19

Today’s Inspiration:

“I want to unfold.

Let nothing in me hold itself closed.

For where I am closed, I am false.

I want to be clear in your sight.”

— Rainer Maria Rilke said that


Today’s Journal Prompts: (do one, some, all, or none, as you wish)

I want to…

See what happens.

This is going to tie in with another project I’ve started this new month. I let it all hang out here.. 🙂
All so appropriate. The stirring is my wanting to shine with all I am being so totally free and uninhibited. That’s not a naked lady lol but rather a spiritual metaphor of myself creatively exposed in all fullness. The inside loving and living outwardly. I really really do want to unfold as it says above..

There’s a saying that one day in the future in heaven there will be such a shout heard as never before when everyone is at the end of all we know and the beginning of forever after and the worst is totally behind. I feel that rising up in me now… A deaf person is muted. There is a reason deaf and dumb are lumped together. Drives you on though because you have to get loud in a whole different way.

Artistically and spiritually no limit. So this 30 day journal project and “Made” online course starting from September 1st see pic below are vehicles I’m going forward in leaps and bounds I feel already it is happening.

I mean if there’s a God. I believe there is.. And a soul unites with the creator of the world no matter the dysfunctions… There’s going to be wham bam thank you Mam lol. I mean something’s going to happen and I’m alive with it… Like a vibe pulsating in and around me. I’m excited about that.. I feel a great momentum inside.. Churning away and I’ve no doubt its going to produce something wild and wonderful despite me…

I’ve read stories about ordinary people when God suddenly shows up and the time is right and it can be world changing. People around sense it too. Its not a human thing and don’t we all need the miraculous. I want to see that and God use me here and let it pour out you know.. He says when we are weak He is strong and I guess the more humble the circumstance the better it is to shows Him up best. I’ve got that part covered! 🙂

Included is my very first art piece for “Made” and I ruined pens doing this. Learning what to use and not to use.. I can’t hear all the instructions given on videos because they are speaking while they do the art classes. Some of this I have to use my imagination and just soak in what others in the face book group are saying..

Visual is great but I haven’t quite learnt how not to say things with it. Like a picture is said to be worth a thousand words.. But because I don’t hear normally I need words too..

This quote helped me when I was tempted to do as I’ve always done and cut and paste..

When I forgot about trying to succeed as an artist and just started painting the way I wanted to paint on what I wanted to paint on, just for fun, new things really started to happen.
Ken Delmar




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