ROOT: 30 Day Journal Project Day 12


Today’s Inspiration:

Rest is a weapon.

— Jason Bourne said that (in A Bourne Ultimatum, by Robert Ludlum)

When I saw today’s topic it almost brought tears. Being ill, rest is exactly what I need.
Sometimes in your life there is nothing more you can physically do.
What timing for this today!

Journal Prompts:

Rest is… needed to regain strength and when you feel unwell you can’t do anything much anyway. Its so good when you can sleep or put your feet up or when can take off a load.

What is restful to me now is… just listening to music, getting another day done with some art and not feeling guilty. My body is recuperating and a little more energy is evident than it has been in the last few days as I rest!

What will nourish me right now?
Realising the timing of this prompt. Its like a affirmation to me that everything else will work in too because it fits. Right place right time again not by anything I’ve done. Its the most incredible moment. To my very core God shows me His sovereignty despite everything else, even myself.

Interesting conversation with a male Christian friend I’m chatting with as I write this. About the prospect of meeting someone else re the future. I’ve kind of lost the hope of that happening for myself. But I’m comforted by the pic I’ve chosen in my art. Of a pair of hands wrapped around not one but two sets of hands. 🙂 Abiding presence with us.
And this scripture below came to my attention as I dwelt on being saved even as I am, alone. Its knowing I can rest even when afflictions have come. It talks about Him sharing our affliction and the the angel of His presence having saved us! Speaking of more than one!

Humanly speaking inaction doesn’t seem a weapon at any time. But in Gods kingdom it is because he’s always taking care of us and always will because He is not bound by time. We can know no matter what we are going through at this present moment He is already in our tomorrow! And He has fully defeated evil.

Isaiah 63:9
In all their affliction He was afflicted, And the angel of His presence saved them; In His love and in His mercy He redeemed them, And He lifted them and carried them all the days of old.



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