[ROOT: 30 Day Journal Project] Day 10


I’m keeping on with this project lol slowly but surely.

A teenage son has been suffering depression so its been hard and sometimes I’m worn out just dealing with him and problems this illness causes him plus life in general taking care of a family/home etc.. Art sometimes I have very little of that sort of inspiration. Easy to sit and switch of playing games on my iPad.

Yesterday it was nice sharing a finished altered book (art journal) and coffee with a friend. First person apart from my kids to ever see it and hold it in her hands and see it with her eyes. I have taken pics of it myself and shared “online” but not ever showed it to a real in the flesh person. Her favourite pic shared below 1st pic ( wrote about it on her Facebook too! ). What I have created inspired her and knowing that is like a major shot of affirmation to my soul!

Prompt: I notice I feel happier when..

I’m accomplished things. Crossed them off my to do list..
When I’m creating and its flowing. When I’m feeling free and not hemmed in. I’m happy when someone gets me (understands).
Doing my own thing. When I blog/write. Keeping up habits. Like walking or finishing a long running project.
When I’m inspired and especially when I’m aware of God.
When I’m singing and lost in a song..
I’m happier surrounded by beautiful things and being thankful. When I am encouraging or praying or caring for others it makes me happy. When I can turn my thoughts from negative to positive even when I could be sad or frustrated about something it helps my moods immensely!
I see someone smiling or they smile back at me cheers my heart.
Seeing something I’ve done or said or initiated bearing good fruit makes me incredibly happy.
In my weak times I realise there’s a strength in me I know is not me… That’s the time I am happiest because I’m sensing Gods Spirit at work and there is no earthly explanation. Too bad lol its so hard to explain that to someone.. But it keeps me going like nothing else in this world and its the keeping on that prevents my inner light from going out.




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