Committed Writing project


Journal prompt – day 3 of 30 days journal project (behind every one else but going to stick at it.)

If I tended the roots of my experience right now, then…

I think of what drives me.. The core of my being. The inner woman. Spirit… Just being persistent in my writing is my goal and has become something I commit too.. This project is helping. Not worrying that I have no content to draw from. Scripture come to mind saying that out of my inner belly rivers of living water will flow because I believe in Christ. Its pulling back to turn to Him. Rely on Him and definitely not self. Yet without self I cannot have spirit that brings forth writing. Spirt that influences. Spirit that adds my own flavour.

I have been journalling prayers. My writing yesterday being day 2 was just complete letting go in my writing. It was very sacred. It was like being rooted through words which was intensely spiritual. I mean your writing soul. Blank page to countless words. I don’t use word count when I’m writing. Scrawled scratchy messy writing, naked if you will. My experience is daily life. Disability. Kids. Home. My room. My talks with God. Singleness. Self. Its the bare bones of my life.
If I tend it I’m letting myself be honest about my experiences. How I’m feeling. Really inward. Not relying on outward because my life is sheltered. I’m a home body mostly. Its not being afraid to have nothing to say or nobody to say it to. In weakness I write and in strength I find a new me emerging. Persistent. Core being rooted to a source that has permeated everything around me and even in me but yet its still really unknown. Its invisible but eyes of faith bring it more and more to life. It’s where I find I’m still part of it no matter how my circumstance seem.

Holy experiences. Joy that defies limitations and normal sources. My Spirit is this too. Words on a page. Its so simple yet divine because its mine. Its coming from inside me. I have to think the words. Blank page and just a prompt. If I sat with this tomorrow it would be different. Even later today it would say something else. How amazing and immense and unique am I!

Shades of Spirit. Same source different colours. I tend my roots by writing. I tend my roots by being aware of Spirit. I flow yet I don’t move. How is that? Mind boggling really. I can write this in my home and hit send or hit publish and someone on the other side of the world can read it. Without moving or going anywhere. Just a click of a finger. Just a touch of a mouse. Just through my iPad. Yes this one will be shared. Usually I tend to share it all. But yesterday my experience it was just for God and me. I can see my writing evolving. Changing. Myself being freer. When I tend the roots something happens even from nothing. I do have something to say. A way to say it and my experience brings in another dimension. I can forget all that isn’t happening and realise everything has a purpose and a connection.

Actually when I think I stop. So when its flowing I know there’s something more happening. Cause my bucket can be completely empty and yet there is a flow I know is not just me.


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