Listening to the song “Alone” by Heart. And I am physically alone as I listen to it; things start to come together and point these blind eyes and this stubborn heart to understand why I’ve been so alone… God speaks to me so clearly using what’s around me when I notice it. In this case through the words of a secular song..

This picture by artist Oliver Pengilley is on my wall.. It was offered free on his face book account to download but when I got it I felt it right to donate to the artist to support his work. This one really really helped me. And today combined with the words of the song just fit so well with this part of his artwork sonI had to share it.

I am singing this song loud.. 😉 ha ha one reason its good to be alone..

The picture is about being between a rock and hard place… The place many of us are finding ourselves.. More alone than we wish to be… Than we can even explain it to others.

I just added the words to it via an iPad ap because there is a powerful message here to all of us who feel alone and in a difficult place.

Says to me that we are actually in exactly the right place.. Because how else is God supposed to get us alone? Get our whole attention… In the dark and hard places He is more easily found because there are no distractions. The way “Heart” sings so powerfully with full emotion just puts more emphasis on how much God too must so want to get our attention.. How He is longing to help us and show us Himself.

Aren’t we more likely to need the light in such a place? Seek for help?
Finally we come to the end of what we can handle ready to admit we can’t understand and nothing else and nobody else can help us.

We are now in the place He can appear to us so we truly see Him and come to know just how much He loves us.



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