Signing alone


I will have to do this alone for now…
Like so many things..
Have my Auslan DVD on and I’m practising..
My kids literally left the room when I asked if anyone would like to do it with me..
My sister who is also hearing impaired not interested.. And doesn’t even want to talk about it with me. 😦

But I’m not going to give up and I will enrol for the course anyway and who knows whom I might meet; new friends who do want to communicate with me!!!
This pic below is the very first sign I have learnt and the one I know!! Its actually not so easy, I think repetition is the key, lots of pausing the DVD and practice; obviously once I find a person to do it with I can get feedback.

Its a little disheartening those close to me aren’t really interested at the moment. But I hope soon to be amongst others who are interested to meet ( Auslan level 1 training course starts in my city end of month) out there in the big wide world and have a go!



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