Life Change for Me


I’m so nervous. I feel so cold. (It is winter).
I just received what could be a huge life change in my post box today.
I’ve signed up to learn Auslan which is deaf sign language.
I paid nearly 200 dollars Australian for 2 DVDs and a USB with a course book on it..
Have just printed out the first weeks lessons.
I have a headache and I’m shaking from nerves.
Its huge… its like leaning a whole new language.
I haven’t done any learning for a long long time.
I was 21 when I started having kids and had 6. One in heaven. So raising kids has been my whole life. Youngest now 13.

I am severely hearing impaired and hearing aids don’t work for me because I’ve had tests and even with hearing aides, in what I do hear its not clear enough to decipher what’s being said.

So I’ve gone this path to learn to sign so as to better communicate with those around me. Well those who use sign language. I have a few friends that sign. Here’s hoping my family might learn with me. Or maybe my sister who is also hearing impaired.

I don’t work because of my deafness so I have lots of time. I’m 44 so this feels really huge for me. I want to blog my journey.

Possibility also of doing a class of the same material right here in my city. I found out about it after I’d already ordered it and although the course is more money and that made me depressed… My brother and his wife said they will pay for me to do the evening classes which would run for 6 weeks.

I feel really nervous about that because being deaf I’m very vulnerable and always like to have someone with me to help with communication. I lip read and just kinda cope with my deafness and I’ve become quite isolated because I tend to find being around people difficult.. So I just don’t do it unless I have too.

This sign language course you need people around you to sign with… So it would force a person like me out there into the world and I can learn here at home at my own pace with the course I’ve bought.. I’m scared and nervous and even have a headache thinking about this… But I’m trying to be brave and face this..



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