Be Still My Restless Heart


I’m realising I have to put this aside, still my restless heart and pray it through.
I just get a sense we could do so much more together but I can’t physically make it happen.
People look to churches. I’m going to look to the Holy Spirit. Isn’t HE in every church as well?
And every believer? Why go to a place HE’s here???
Ok I don’t sense things here as much as I want or think I should.
But “Be Still and know that I am God”.
Its not supposed to be about sense anyway is it?
Supposed to be about Spirit.
Oh yes I looked across to the picture on this months calendar.
The word “Peace” comes into view.
I’m suddenly reminded that Jesus said “Peace Be Still”.
This tells me I must be where I need to be.
That I’m not listening to mankind’s reasonings.
I’m depending on HIM.
Where could I go but to YOUR presence? That’s where my help comes from.
Suddenly I can concentrate on my breathing. I can see I don’t need to be anxious or searching or restless.

I know that I won’t get an answer from any other source. Its like HE wants it to be about HIM.
But I’m in the right place that’s helpful to know.

Be still my restless heart.
HE is here.
All is well.
I’ve not been abandoned.
God knows my heart.
HE has not forgotten me.
Rest is trust.
Stillness is faith.
Blessed assurance floods in.
I don’t have to understand.
I’m not alone.
I’m joined to every believer by HIS Spirit.
Without doing a single thing.
Even here now when I’m physically alone.
Its incredible really.
A few moments ago I was penning a message to a group of people.
Telling them of my frustration almost begging for something from them.
But when I think of HIM who is with us all wherever we are.
There is a very quiet resignation within.
That HE is in control and that any misunderstanding or rejection or silence by another is not separation at all.
For how can you remove spirit from spirit, you cannot.
For He is the life within all of us.
Its simply a misunderstanding of what our connection is through HIM.
Blessed are we who are knowing HIM and what HE has done and who has called us by name and given us eternal life. We are the body of Christ. We are HIS chosen ones… The ones HE has given all to save and raise to immortality.
Oh the shift in my spirit, my mind, my body as I prayed to the Holy Spirit to give me guidance.





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