What I’ve Learnt Today


Working through an ebook “the 40 Day Soul Fast – Your Journey To Authentic Living” Cindy Trimm

Day 1

Answers below are coloured by my own beliefs and influenced by reading this book at this present moment in time and according to my current personal circumstances.

Its amazing how this study today has pin pointed things I had not noticed!!

* Describe what you believe are some
outstanding characteristics about yourself?

I’m unique there is not another person in the world like myself.. I’m peaceful, gentle and positive. Child like.. Love inspiring others.. I love to share what I’m learning.. I love deep and meaningfuls.
That I know the truth that sets me free.. Jesus is the truth and His finished work changes everything. That I’m able to see heaven on earth now because of it. See differently.. Therefore I can share the good news..

* How have you capitalized on those and
harnessed the inherent power of you?

I haven’t capitalised on these fully with consuming passion as I could because I haven’t seen that I have the power in me. Only reading this question today has the light gone on.. Wow I’ve been aware God with me.. I guess I have looked at the results and been discouraged more than resting in the power and trusting God with it and allowing that to thrive in me and flow into what I do.. So its been in dribs and drabs. I see that not knowing his power is in me has meant I haven’t really been expecting results which has reduced my desire to be busy and productive and its weird.. Cause I’m still looking for results every time I do something but as the poor results influence further inactivity I can see it cannot flow on.. Therefore I’m limiting myself and what God could do through me.
I can see the results speak for themselves… I see I have gotten what I truly believed and that it cannot possibly pass along to others or capture their attention and spark them into action if its not coming from a thriving heart that believes… Result is – I’ve been powerless and people don’t get touched by the source.. Life produces life… Power connects and ignites.. Misguided or lacklustre passion doesn’t get noticed therefore touches no one.

* What more can you do to maximize your
unique set of gifts and minimise your own
peculiar shortcomings?

Focus on all that I am through Christ.. Untapped and limitless and realising I do have the power so I can enjoy the flow expecting things to happen more and more.. To minimise short comings is to not acknowledge only myself who is powerless without Him.
To live fully right now is not limiting myself because I am joined to Him.. To focus on Jesus more and more and the glory of Him whom I’m joined together with and all that is now possible!!!!
Focus on all that I am through Christ.. My life (now) is redefined. Simply be the branch in all its glory..

– my thoughts –

“I’m still hung up on “I’ve got the power” from earlier. I can see the way I’ve lived and I’m not living in a way that fully benefits myself and the world around me.

My light is hidden.

Yes like a vine that is lack lustre produces sparse fruit and nobody much except the really hungry are drawn to it.. Obviously my fruit will be limited right now if I’m not realising I’m in the vine and God feeds the nations through the branches, my branches.. Obviously there is a flesh me who is limited and weak, powerless, wildly inapt and only small…

But there is God almighty in all His glory who has given the world His Son that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life…
Becoming a “new me” a me that is a new creation because of being in Christ Jesus who never leaves and I am able to do all things through Him..

Cup running over.. Full of peace, self control, love, joy, wisdom etc.. My true reality which shines and is fully able to do all things and greater things than Jesus did because He said that Himself. I need to live from that.. As that… right now.. It is my life’s purpose to let the glory shine through me and change the atmosphere.. This is bearing much fruit.. Thriving. Being a light no longer hidden.



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