To Feel I Belong


Is what I take away from a healing service I went to last night at Bay City Church in Geelong. I was grinning and laughing all the way home to Ballarat.. Yes my hearing is still impaired but I couldn’t give a stuff about that compared to the warmth, the belonging and the connection I felt to the people around me.

The service was led by John & Julie Mellor. I bought their book too “Miracles in the Dust”. My sister (pic below) bit fuzzy sorry.. Was prayed over for an epileptic condition she has that she takes medication for which gives her blank outs.. Where she literally freezes like pause on a video player for a short time and it impedes her life plus she cannot drive.. A lady who didn’t even know her approached her in the service and said I’ve been praying for you a whole week! Also suffered pain in her shoulder and had trouble lifting her arm.. Pain completely gone!!!
We travelled together last night to the meeting on a very hot summers day.. Like a sauna in that meeting packed with people lol!!!

Will link to their ministry for anyone that’s interested to find out more.. John Mellor Ministries

I’ve been to church almost my entire life and the last few years I felt so disconnected, alone and its the last place I want to be. But last night strangers hugged me, smiled, talked and looked me in the eye! And most of all I felt I belonged. I met two face book friends there which was just so amazing! In the last few weeks I’ve been much more confident meeting people and making connections.. Being social when for a long time I’ve been isolated.
Lindsay who is a Christian from Ballarat I’ve known from church and Facebook sitting right in front with his girlfriend and her children.. I was stunned by them being there sitting in front, it just felt great that we were from the same city and seated so close.. I just knew that was a good sign.
I attended with my younger sister and Lindsay got to meet her and even hugged me goodbye.. It felt so warm, comfortable and natural. I’m usually shy and awkward around people.. Its making me cry write this.. It was a beautiful thing… I just want this so much with everyone, everywhere. I just thank God so much for the love I felt in that place..

I also met Kathy another face book friend who is also deaf/hearing impaired! I’ve never met her face to face only online but saw her face in the crowd and went straight up and said hello! THAT is so unlike me!!! Usually I stand back.. Smile from afar. But nope I wanted to say hello.. She also met my sister too! How amazing in one night to meet two people like that lol!!!!! Yippe I’m social!!!

I haven’t even felt that kind of love and connection always even from my own family.. Not placing blame its probably more to do with me being shy, damaged inside and self conscious but whatever it was more, more, more I say!!!






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