Explaining the Unexplainable



Going to blog about my recent art journalling piece. I feel so deliriously happy. But trying to help people find it or understand it too can be practically impossible at times. I’m sure thats what pushes me onwards. My art is my soul displayed. I do still find it hard to leave it just as is without further expression. I hate to think of deeper treasures remaining untapped. God teaches me so much that I’m practically beaming and yet for the most part of every day I don’t see another soul to share it with. Thus art, writing, blogging and social media is where I find myself spilling over..

Even when it comes to normal daily conversations you hardly every touch on deeper subjects and yet there is a reservoir inside of me.. Its got to come out somewhere..

This piece is just one page of an altered book I’m working on.. First I have ever done.. its taking a book that was written or intended for another purpose and reworking it as another book altogether.. It was a Brides Book. A registry of events a Bride goes through to keep a record of gifts, persons present at events and dates etc. Very sturdy with thick pages great for painting and glueing on. I gesso underneath but probably it doesn’t even need that.. just adds a bit of texture but also good at covering writing and pics already in the book that I don’t need.
I love experimenting with the colours in the background and I’m building a nice supply of colours..

When you start getting into art. Everything can have meaning. Colours, words, quotes, why you choose certain pics and the way it blends together. There is no end to the things a picture can say and if you reflect on it amazing revelations can happen. Yes even to the artist because for me its like something happens inside me when I create. What comes out of me amazes even me.

Of course the magic of art is that what you intend it to say can mean quite a totally different thing to someone else and it can even speak in ways you never thought it could.

That its a Brides book is magical and spiritual to me.. As believers in God we are called the Bride of Christ.. Its sharing a very important passage of rite a woman can go through. Apart from having children.. marriage is one of the other major events in a woman’s life.

To me this piece symbolises the intimacy I have found in my relationship with God. Its spiritual but very real and deeply affects me in every way possible. Its beautiful, sacred, personal, freeing and its for the most part been found by being alone and truly needing God because of isolation due to life and disability. My nature has helped pave the way because I’m comfortable alone and in my own company and I tend to be a loner. But I don’t think I have simply found this because its just for me.. but because I have the time and tenacity to share it. I believe this place will benefit anyone who finds it. It will be different for everyone but as you spend time, truly rest, become vulnerable and open up it will be a place you will want to return too time and time again.

When there is no-one who understands you.. God listens and is always with you. You can say anything.. You can say the ugly. The stuff that anyone would take offence too.. You don’t feel shame here.. your accepted.. approved no matter what you say. You will leave lighter.. He sees and knows everything about you so there is no pretence needed. No need to hide yet even if you do feel unable to share everything but just “Be”. He gives you spaciousness and there are no time limits… You carry eternity within and thats a whole nother world isn’t it. It creates in you an awareness and reason for existence and you will learn things I don’t think you could explain humanly even if you tried yet we do try.. I truly believe this place is where all that comes against me that’s tried to destroy me finds the real true me fully empowered to live gloriously no matter happens on the outer.. It’s where it all starts to make sense..


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