Reviewing a book for a Friend


This post is some sharing from a book I’m working on via my iPad and I took a picture of it to share here.

I’m reviewing the book for an online friend.. Absolutely incredible book currently in pdf form and I’m reading it via an Adobe reader ap which allows me to digitally add text to it.. Which is an awesome experience. I only found out I could do that about half way through the book lol.. I had been jotting down things elsewhere. The book itself is written with plenty of room to add comments and thoughts so its ideal to work through this way. So many thought provoking questions and scriptures which fit so well together and its reflectively written. I’m gaining so much from it.

I’m not doing it all the way through the same way or Robin will never get a review but reading everything and choosing what stands out most to me. Sent it free to me; so I can go back once finished and take some more time answering and recording my thoughts and feelings.. All about joy, finding and developing it in our lives including written prayers and lots of helpful stimulating questions.

It’s very obvious Robin is Spirit led as its speaking so much to me and many parts seem to be just right for my current personal life and incredibly timely. I will link to Robins website so anyone can learn more about who she is and her incredible offering to the world.. She has written other books too that have also inspired me! Such an honour to be sent a copy before its released publicly.

Robin is a very creative soul, so friendly, very talented and her book provides prompts which guide us, mentally, spiritually and physically to a bigger and fuller life.. Her writing challenges the reader and yet its so encouraging at the same time you really want to put what your learning into practice.. A huge bonus that she loves God and is a passionate artist to boot!!!!

Not sure if I should publicly share the title or if that’s right thing to do at this stage so apologies to anyone who wants more information. If anyone is interested further in this book please add comments and I can pass them along or simply contact Robin through the link provided.

Robin Norgren Studios



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