Happy New Year 8/1/2014


My first documentation of seeking GOD for healing.. it will be my own.. I feel faith has been placed in my heart.. that its time to start believing and acting on what I believe.. And I want to record it.. Actually this will be the very start of something I believe I have prayed for – for a long long time..

1st healing.. my own.. I have been grinding my teeth.. I have also noticed a chipped front tooth.. I did take a iPhone photo.. but its not great.. I have one tooth that part of it has broken off.. one that looks like the filling has worn down.. and also my teeth are not straight.. My jaws tend to ache through the day.. and I find myself clenching my teeth often through the day.

I have personally seen diabetes symptoms gone from myself. I was diagnosed with mild lupus many years ago (have had dermatitis, achy joints, hair falling out, depression and general feeling ill all in the past) with little to no symptoms now. I prayed over my daughters feet for a couple of weeks twice a day and warts on both feet cleared up and went away completely. Also my daughter had a weird tooth that was a spare and seemed to hover over two other teeth.. sort of wedged in/over the top and it looked like it would have to be removed. I prayed over that and it fell out on its own. Recent check of her teeth apart from being cleaned by dentist (perfect teeth no problems found).
The warts disappearing from her feet was actually the most amazing because both my daughter and I witnessed that healing through concentrated prayer and she saw the whole thing happen whereas I was the only one who could see her weird tooth..

It is a bumper year this year; my word for this year is “Jubilee” and the signs I’m seeing are pointing to the same. Its time to believe for a harvest of healing, especially salvation, deliverance plus restoration of families and marriages!

Im not going to write out special prayers or even say special prayers or fast.. it will be twice daily application of concentrating on the above issues with my mouth, teeth, jaw and against TMJ (google that if interested to know more) and seeking GOD and believing for a healthy mouth, good teeth and no jaw or teeth or grinding problems. Even that my teeth are healthy and straight and no abnormalities. I have not been diagnosed with TMJ professionally but the symptoms similar and as a child was referred to an orthodontist for braces but never got them fitted. I will write about anything that happens and that I notice and in the coming days document it. All of the healing mentioned above has not been instant but I am not ruling that out because GOD can do anything..

As to why now?

Teeth are important… I believe in healing this will be something I will share publicly.. I have faith for it and I have seen healing happen when I applied myself to seeking GOD about it. I use the word apply – dictionary meaning (put into service) because it doesn’t just seem to happen on its own but I have studied extensively the bible and read many books by people who work in the healing ministry and have knowledge that healing has been paid for already by Jesus and belongs to us and is for us today so I am simply going to believe I receive it for myself for the aforesaid issues and see what happens!! I am not going to discuss why I believe in healing or go into lengthy writing about what exactly I believe but simply share what happens to myself.

I have taken a very rough type of photo of my teeth which looks gross lol but I feel it must be added because as I return to add another photo of my same teeth in the future and it looks different I want to clearly document that there has been a change and by this photo being posted here and dated and witnessed then it can be clearly seen that I am indeed honest and not hiding anything.. I want to show proof!!



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