Soul Writing


I’m doing three pages of writing every day as part of a book study I am taking part in.. “The Artist’s Way.. A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity’.. This is almost the whole of it from this morning ha ha my noted book is A5 so not the biggest pages you can get.. its incredible what comes out when you get GOD involved in your writing..

Today we were encouraged for the whole of this week.. being week 6 to focus in our morning pages on “The God I do believe in and the God I would like to believe in..”

This below is my first for the week at looking at this.. and what came of it today.. Not always can I simply write on what is expected and go off in a tangent on something related..

LORD = I believe in a close GOD. You being here with me always. You want intimacy with me daily, often.
My whole heart and soul. That you know whats best for me. Troubles are not the gauge to anything do with You.. Works through weakness. I am talking about what I’ve learnt. Not to lean on my own understanding. Definitely not!!!
Not about the God in the bible. But about the God of ———— Street. In my house. Not a God in a church. A God in my heart/room. Goes everywhere. Who knows everything. Longing for every word that comes out. Actually enjoys my presence. Isn’t phased by pj’s, unmade beds and unpaid bills. He’s interested in Me.
In my expressions, my hopes, my frustrations. He’s patient to listen to the very last detail. He doesn’t leave ever. Incredible really. I wouldn’t change anything except to be more aware of His presence. To be more aware of “what is”. To be honest, if you really think about it, this doesn’t seem enough. Just talking. Just being. Just….
I don’t know. I mean your heart longs for intimacy right. But who could “be there” like God. I mean for everything? Nobody could. Soul rests in His presence so what more could you want than that. Mary was commended for wanting more of His presence. We see this is an essence of His heart. (Time) What are we longing for? Meaning, purpose. You get the idea He is not in a hurry. What can you do but “Breathe” and enjoy that.
Nothing seems pressing anyway when you are in communion with Him.
Like a big ancient tree. You just sit beside it. Admiring it. Being shaded. Watching the branches dance in the wind. His majesty towering over you. Seems a sacred, safe place. So in His presence its sacred/safe and comforting.
Is there a connection you feel to earth, sky and nature in the tree?
To your roots. To Soul/Spirit.
Strength. Breathe in oxygen. Deep into your lungs. You take that with you. Longing to return again. Yet spiritually we don’t need to lose that sense. The tree, re majesty, sacredness is within. I know people meditate. Sit for hours. Peace. Breathe. But God is within. God is peace.. God is breath. God is out.
God is everywhere. Get a sense you need nothing but to see Him always. So that nothing blocks His view. So that He may even manifest physically because Your aware. The veil is thin. So aware. So aware. No longer seeing but being Heaven on earth. Heaven is here.

((You know touching on that last part of Jesus/God actually appearing.. or manifesting physically.. I have had that happen re an online friend.. he is a male friend.. online.. rarely see his face.. only spoken on skype a couple of time.. don’t know why.. just haven’t. Chat online.. in pieces through the day.. every day.. closest friend I have really ever had.. and there are times.. in my physical life.. when for just a flash.. I am visualising him beside me.. its very weird.. Once was when I was out walking my dog.. I think about things while I walk.. I don’t remember what exactly I was thinking about this particular day.. but for a very short time.. I actually saw him walking beside me.. suddenly he was there.. I mean he wasn’t physically but I had a type of vision where he was walking by my side.. Weird huh that has never happened like that before.. Another time I was sitting at my dining table.. and I just quickly imagined him sitting there.. just like he suddenly appeared.. Seemed so natural.. and then he was gone.. Another time third and final ha ha.. I just saw his hand.. I was thinking about what it would be like to meet him (at the time) cause known online for years.. and I started thinking of his hands (he is an artist) and I saw a quick vision of his hand.. Ok now you think I am crazy.. but I can relate to the fact that if you know someone really well that its possible to have the memory so much inside you.. or spiritual sense.. that you might start to see them.. Thats what dreams are aren’t they!! Apparently some people can see their loved ones with them.. or sense things about them.. Don’t know what it means.. but those separate incidences just get me thinking about the spiritual realm and that there is so much more to all our lives and the cosmos than we currently know.. ))



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