The post is about the art canvas below which is my “Healing” piece for the “Creative Goddess” e course I’m doing for week three from Leonie Dawson’s Amazing Life and Biz Academy.

I have not been working through it week by week but instead working… no plodding through it at my own pace. This is my first collage canvas ever, also first time to use Gesso to prime the base and Decoupage craft glue to paste and coat my art.. A bit of a learning process but I have thoroughly enjoyed doing this..

We were encouraged to infuse it with our spirit (my words) so I laid hands on my canvas before I started… praying it would be a healing piece that GODs Spirit would guide me as I created it and that it would bring healing to me when I looked at it and that it would bless me and/or bring a blessing of healing to anyone who saw it.

I recently visited the National Gallery of Victoria and it was believe it or not the first time I’ve been and I was overcome by how there was a presence around the art pieces and in the rooms where you went to view it.. The older paintings especially.. there seemed a real aura in the room.. It wasn’t just pictures on a wall.. I felt an atmosphere that I cannot explain. It was very evident to me.. and very exciting and so as I continue on my creative journey its all becoming so much more meaningful to me.

This piece is layered in the back ground with personal computer printed letters via emails and forums, messages I’ve received in the past online because as my hearing has deteriorated online has been my world.
Actually all of them I’ve chosen to use are from friends.. who have been my main influence as family through GOD online and many never seen face to face. Prayers, scriptures, pictures and words I’ve chosen to include that are personal to me and part of the background of who I am and what I consider that helps me be who I am.. So many virtual strangers over the years yet connected through Spirit.. who have loved on me, listened to me and helped me through hard times and good times.. I also used to encourage many others every day which always gave me encouragement back.. be it other grieving parents, hurting friends and strangers and pray for them as well as ask others to pray for me.. I wanted to still read some of the words so I only washed the background lightly with water colour paint.. Using light blue, pink and gold.. I’m not going to explain everything lol.. because art is supposed to be expression enough.. I haven’t quite learnt that part yet..

I put my tears lightly in the background.. because there was a lot of pain in my past.. over the loss of our baby son, struggles in my marriage and the divorce.. and all the suffering that brings.. I actually first considered doing a complete positive piece.. But GOD was prompting me to keep it real. I mean HE has shown me Himself through pain and suffering and in my weakness I have witnessed and understood HIS strength..

Peace of course represents GOD and HIS “peace that surpasses all understanding” as GODs ways are always higher than ours.. I experienced this “other worldly..” peace when our baby was sick, died and afterwards and it is truly not able to be explained how great it is but you know that its not earthly.. Definately not normal and also not of yourself so even though others may not believe in GOD.. you cannot see any other way through but to trust in HIM and its all OK…

Wonderfully I remember sensing.. or knowing in my spirit that it was not just about that period, that time, that particular hardship I was going through.. A “knowing” that this peace went back into my past and also extended forward into the future for everything else. How I could know that I cannot explain.. Heavenly things are like that.. Its huge though and so powerful and wonderful this peace and is everything to me and life changing because its GOD and HE is so important to me… I know He’s with me all the way through my life..

The canvas looks a bit messy, life is like that.. but the presence of GOD.. so big… encompasses all.. includes all things for HIS good and higher purpose and brings everything together.. to completion.. wholeness and yes healing!! You know I must add.. I experienced HIS peace through the death of baby.. through a divorce.. and through isolation.. None of those circumstances represent actual healing.. actual wholeness.. YET.. But you have incredible hope which is also unearthly.

Through all this.. you see something greater happening.. you do sense.. a greater plan at work through it all.. that you got to this point and still believe.. That no matter what you have found internal peace and hope and strength something many grasp for and desire.. and somehow you know it will all work out and that it hasn’t yet means its not the end yet!

(Two views – so over cast here today and terrible light) first has Dove image stamped.. )




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  1. I love this whole post Sharon. The first bit that hit me was your reference to the National Gallery of Victoria & how peaceful it is. It is one of my favourite places to visit, especially the European 18th/19th Century rooms and the one where you can sit in the leather chairs and allow the paintings to surround you. THAT’S where I find peace! I’m quite spiritual these days, perhaps articulating it slightly different to you, but basically I think we’re feeling and speaking of the same thing when we say “God” or “The Universe”. For me, it’s an energy of peace and love whatever name it goes by, and I definitely feel it in that room at the gallery.

    And then the way you describe how and why you put your collage together in the way you did – it just resonated with me in a very spiritual way. You know, if I hadn’t tweeted that thing re X Factor the other night & you hadn’t popped over to MY blog and commented, I may never have read this blog. THAT’s when I definitely believe there’s a higher force working in our lives – “other worldly”, as you put it.

    Finally, having just had a beautiful friend/relative by marriage lose her beautiful daughter in child-birth in the last week, your sharing about the loss of your baby was … well, it was poignant for me right now. Thank you! The collage looks awesome. I love my art, but at the moment I use writing as my creative expression. Maybe I should get the pastels out and do some drawing again soon.

    Thanks again for a beautifully written blog and sharing the process of creating your collage.

    Keep Smiling


    • Louise I had to pace the room after reading this response.. It’s like everything fits and it’s wow.. Our two lives come together in the way it has yet you personally know all the difficulties that come along each day.. That is actually the room you describe where I felt that “presence” most 🙂
      Speechless but awed that your so close in distance.. I rarely meet people online close and never this close.. Definitely all the same thing we are both aware of.. Thank you for affirming so much in my life at present for just being you and here and for this moment!!

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