My Letting Go..


I have joined the “Amazing Biz & Life Academy” through Leonie Dawson.. and am working through one of her courses.. If that is the right way to say it.. Called “Creative Goddess E Course”.. One of the projects in week 2 is to create a “Transformation arrow” a type of tool or creative way to let go of things in my life and from my personal self that are holding me back from being all that I can be..

Now part of the course is listening to video teachings.. and also I’m supposed to listen to meditations. Unfortunately with hearing loss so bad.. I cannot do the meditations.. because I cannot hear them properly.. Also the videos I miss bits here and there.. but thankfully I get the gist of most of it..

Being a christian.. or believer in GOD there are things she suggests in the course I choose to do differently.. this particular activity I changed my “Transformation arrow” into a Cross.. Same thing she’s suggesting but created a cross instead out of sticks I found outdoors. I will post a picture of my cross… finished work below..

From a Christian & Spiritual perspective.. Jesus did take away my sins, failures and all that separates me from being fully free and from a connection with GOD on a cross made of wood; being all human shortfalls whatever they might be..

Its true even though we are freed from all bad, evil, sin, short-falls, any type of curse on humanity etc.. (all done for us already on the cross) we still carry these things into and through our lives by how we mentally and physically cope and because of what happens to us and how it affects us. These things consist of words/actions/people’s influence on us in whatever way they affect us (family, friends, enemies or people we meet along our path in life) and it can hold us back.

Some things we cannot help suffer from but other things we can let go of and be free from..

Its these things that I considered and secured to the cross.. I wrote down things I felt about myself that are negative.. or others have said about me and too me that I’ve struggled with.. traumatic experiences that happened to me.. plus my own failings etc.. Anything that I could attribute to sucking joy out of my life and that could hold me down.. I wrote them on pieces of coloured paper and attached them to the cross and it symbolised letting go of them.. For example one thing I added was my divorce.. and another was the sense of feeling invisible..

Then I painted the cross “Red”, covering over all those words.. all those feelings.. all those things in my life that I wanted freedom from that I no longer wanted to control me and carry into the rest of my life.. that I am willing to let go of… I kept painting till all that was left is a red bloody cross..

The blood of JESUS came from HIS holy self as HE says and I believe HE was the son of GOD.. His doing what he did with HIS perfect self gives me if I choose to believe it and celebrate it.. Freedom… from all that this personally means to me!! Just talking about myself here.. 🙂

I even found that the process represented what Jesus did.. As I used a whole tube of red paint in the process.. At the end the tube was empty, spent of its colour and devoid of its contents and was changed by what happened to it.. now all it is good for is to be thrown away.

It got messy and the stick is ugly.. but it is finished.. it seems brutal yet all of my problems are now no longer visible under the paint.. which GOD also says the same because of the spent life of HIS son which was horrific in its entirety .. the giving up of HIS life.. the brutality of losing every drop of HIS blood… now because of this.. my shortfalls, my failings and others failing against me have been finished with too.. They have been taken care of completely by HIS blood..

Leonie suggests burning the transformation arrow at the end to signify total freedom and letting go.. I don’t need to burn the cross and the beauty of her course is and is said throughout.. (remember there isn’t any right or wrong way to do this course. Its all perfect)..

To me and for me in this activity I consider the blood of CHRIST is enough.. What the blood signifies to my soul, spirit and self including my past, present and future is.. I am free because of what happened on this cross.. freed to be fully me.. Freed of all my own personal mistakes and failings and freed from all mistakes and failings done to me and even free from the way I am negative about myself..

The wonderful thing is.. it is my choice to receive and also my choice to let go of all of this..

All that was written down.. documented.. expressed by me and all that I wrote about what has been done to me that holds me back… clips my wings.. is now secured to my cross and covered by the blood..

If you look at the picture.. it just seems that its the cross alone.. a red bloody mess of sticks.. Believe me there are short words/sentences written on paper on every part of these sticks.. but even in this picture they are not really visible.. Amazing..

This is my letting go….



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