My Message To The World Today


I created my art journal messages today, expressions of my soul/spirit because of the freedom, peace and joy I am experiencing..

Also I created them to speak to soul/spirits around me whose messages are of struggle, sadness, hopelessness and fatigue.. We all have a message we are speaking to the world.. We might think it is kept to ourselves but how you live, the expression on your face, your every day flow, your manner and presence.. All portray your message..

I was singing, dancing, shouting lol while creating.. getting lost in the moments.. It was personal and uniquely me.. my beautiful truth but also glorifying knowledge that releases messages that can help anyone who would embrace them..

You see our message might be about our trials, our hardships, our frustrations or even our earthly reality.. What flows is our choice but will change if it comes from inside our spiritual man/woman or child.. This spirit we all have.. its free.. only contained in our flesh bodies.. It can be buffeted around and repressed by how our flesh sees & knows of the world.. It can also be set fully free too.. Spirit cannot stay contained when it is realised.. its bigger than our outward body and its created to be glorious.. It lives forever.. We have been set free by JESUS on the cross and because HE rose again and showed us on earth death is not the end.. HE was born and died and rose again in flesh so that we were set free to experience eternity and all that GOD is and created us to be… That we could find freedom.. JESUS called himself the truth.. the way, truth and life.. HE came to teach us about eternal life.. not just when we go to heaven.. but now.. today..

Its what reality we focus on that dictates how we live and the message we proclaim and how our life flows.. the Spirit in us.. perfected.. free.. even holy because HE totally redeemed humanity. Through HIS flesh and fully GOD living in mere flesh we can be fully SPIRIT living in mere flesh.. Its a different mind set that causes us to flow from within in greater measure.. it brings great peace because suddenly the difficulties we face are not barriers in fact they have no power over us anymore.. the Spirit gushes forth it cannot be contained.. Its just living different.. Everything changes.. Everything..




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    • Thank you Amylisa my heart is thrilled you are here!! I thought that pic being from Australia myself signifies so much.. One thing is – joy in the rain speaks of the pure rapture in the presence of God.. Creating this way just so powerful and it’s incredible how it can speak to you and yes it was raining for you too sane time!!
      The earth shook; the heavens also dropped rain at the presence of God; Sinai itself was moved at the presence of God, the God of Israel. ~ Psalm 68:8

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