I’m Finally Creating My First E Book!


This is a life changing announcement.. biggest thing I consider I’ve done personally in a very long time..

Since I started at “Leonie Dawson’s Amazing Biz & Life Academy” one week ago I see many positive changes already in my life.. and this is huge for me.. I believe this happened because I have come to a place where I am confident, supported in my journey, surrounded by other incredibly talented women and given helps and encouragement to go full steam ahead.. I will become all that GOD has for me..

This book I started writing in 1997 when I was in hospital with our 4th child a baby son who was ill and away from home and unfortunately at 2 months old he died but because through my faith and trust in GOD and a miracle from heaven.. I was given out of this world peace and came through the experience very differently to any other parents I have ever met who have lost a child. I couldn’t keep this story to myself.. so I kept on writing for a whole 29 chapters and it took a few years to finally get it finished.. I did it all on my own from memories.. info from friends and family.. and from my own diaries..

Then I just printed out copies of chapters as many as I had at the time (paper & via email) and passed to family and close friends..

I have never had the money to publish it.. or so I thought.. and I did put it online for free reading for family and friends.. but the website eventually stopped working where I had it hosted and also I put some on Tumblr of recent and face book but its kinda disjointed and not easy to read or find..

So this publishing it in an Ebook form is brilliant because it will be all in one place and easily accessible. I have never wanted to profit from this book and having it in physical book form has not been high on my priority list.. But as I myself in this current stage of life read a lot of ebooks through Kindle and Ibooks and I have only just a few days ago found a way to create the book myself.. I will forge ahead and create it..

At this stage just to get it into this form at all is what I consider a miracle.. What happens beyond this point is anyone’s guess.. Most ebooks I read are only a few dollars anyway so perhaps I could end up selling it?? It will take me awhile of course to put the whole thing into a single book..

There are possibilities now which is awesome.. It is the kind of book that has inspired family, friends and the people who have read it already.. so I don’t know with a bigger audience how far it could go and that it might in fact prove helpful.. I’m so proud of myself to do this.. In one day already I have the first chapter in a PDF readable form! I’ve started looking for interested persons to read this already and see if its suitable and very quickly two close friends through face books have copies!

Being my first book I’m a novice, the present layout came about by just looking at other ebooks. I would prefer to get feedback on it now in early stages so I can edit as I copy it otherwise if I go ahead and finish it and its not suitable well it would be huge to re-edit it all over again.. I don’t want perfect just basic and easy to read..

I will include a pic of it via my Kindle & Ipad.. so so so so so happy!!



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