Connecting to God through Art


My joy to share my creative journey here..

Today is the first day of “The Creative Goddess Course”. See last post on source..

Blogging my art and expressions here as I go along..

My style.. My take.. My thoughts.. My way.. Beautiful course materials which give great freedom..

My prayer as I begin..

Dear Almighty God, Jesus & Holy Spirit..
I thank You that You are with me now.
To be with me on my journey of Divine Creation.
Please guide me to see, feel, express and experience the unity I have in You of wholeness and oneness.
Thank You for my spirit, mind and body as we create together, unified trinity which is now (4) including me yet each is unique in our own right but yet one! A great mystery!
Help me share the highest truth with vivid visions.
Being brave, wild and courageous and a deep dreamer.
May I know and become more aware of Your glory revealed in and through me in my own unique way as we partake of this sacred act of creation.. Amen



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