New Path…


Wow.. just like that a new path appears.. I have just decided to make a leap/step of faith and sign up for a year of new possibilities..

More to come so keep watching this space.. ha ha.. blog..
I’ve been tossing up between two e courses that have come to my attention.. one was a christian creative group “Made course” started on September 1st that I know one beautiful soul Anna who is taking part in.. another which is the one I decided on is..
The “Amazing Biz and Life Academy” by Leonie Dawson..
Goes for twelve months (that is how long I am signed up for) and is choc full of e-courses on having an amazing life and business.. now its a more personal reason I would be doing this but who knows what might unfold.. I have followed Leonie via her blog, and email list, through Twitter, via a “Create your Incredible Year workbook and planner” on my Kindle that I have been working through..
I might be about half way through that.. but I have seen changes in my life because of it.. positive changes when I stick with it..
Unfortunately I am a procrastinator.. and as I am home.. (not working) due to being on a pension as I am severely hearing impaired I need motivation.. But there has been something on the inside of me prodding me… I need to decide on a course of action then go full steam ahead.. and keep going..
I need focus.. I need something to work towards.. Something to help me move forward.. New Ideas.. New Venture… To Branch out.. to find a way through my life that can lead to something more.. Possibilities.. Now is the time..
I did struggle with.. it should be “Christian” but I intend to take JESUS with me.. lol.. HE is coming along but I feel as with my life.. I already have HIM with me.. I already fellowship with other believers.. this is a path that could blaze away to a whole new life that I will flow into.. I don’t have to be afraid.. HE comes with me..
I can see even today as I signed up.. there is a fire blazing in me.. and a joy bubbling over.. and a confidence rising up inside.. I’m here too writing this blog.. which is always a good sign!!
I’m excited.. Anticipation is spilling over.. I can see ideas forming already and I have not even really even begun yet.. The thing is.. GOD is with me.. and its because I’m so aware of HIM.. fear has taken a back seat.. actually its not even being considered.. I somehow know this is going to be a very huge year ahead for me.

Leonie Dawson – Amazing Biz & Amazing Life


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