The lesser becomes the GREATER…


This came to me today.. and it made me smile..

Luke 9:48
GOD’S WORD Translation (GW)
48 Then he said to them, “Whoever welcomes this little child in my name welcomes me. Whoever welcomes me welcomes the one who sent me. The one who is least among all of you is the one who is greatest.”

For in the bible.. the humility of Gods Son JESUS becoming like a servant catapulted HIM to Lord of Lords and King of Kings.. Being born in a stable as a helpless baby…. being subject to his parents and customs of being born Jewish.. living as a carpenter.. not being a King on earth but living as a man without a home and a place to lay his head..

But to the nameless, faceless masses all through history, present time and future HE is our Saviour.. and by simply believing in HIM as being whom HE said… we are given heavenly status.. becoming children of GOD…

The reason that portion makes me smile.. is I was thinking of the famous people on earth.. you know movie stars.. royalty.. all whose names people know around the earth. They are rich, or have a lot of sway and influence.. Maybe they have trophies for being the best at sport.. or awards for selling the most albums..

In the normal realm in our cities… regions and countries there are other well known people.. politicians.. celebrities and such.. Even in our schools, families.. churches even… some stand out more.. they are well known and given status and greater honor.. Its different for them.. Maybe yes they did come through much personally and suffered.. or triumphed and overcome great difficulties.. or worked very hard and their name was suddenly well known and they got much benefit from that and recognition..

Im not talking about any of these though.. but talking about the every day normal person.. who goes about their lives unseen and unheard.. doing their daily tasks invisibly and with little or no recognition.. small personal triumphs maybe not even another soul knows about or very few.. They definitely were not born with a silver spoon and may never use one either..

Even in their family, home or neighbourhood they live under the radar..

The Lesser known.. the least of men, women and children in status or world view.. I had to smile to think of that scripture in light of what GOD said above.. that the least of all of you.. is in fact the greatest..

Just for the moment I could see Justin Bieber, Brad Pit, Oprah, Lady Gaga, Roger Federer etc anyone you or I would consider the greatest in this world or lording it over us.. And I don’t mean that in a bad way.. but we all know there is social status and how it feels to be on the bottom or close too…

I could see these great people as us and us as them in heaven.. maybe they are doing the menial jobs in heaven.. if indeed there is any… Just a mind thing and it made me giggle.. and the least people and yes I see myself as associated with these.. the ones everyone shuns.. Now in my vision being treated as greatest.. Its a nice thought.. giving me some hope here on earth in my life.. I hope it might make you smile if you understand life from this perspective..

Its just a vision and may well be and probably not the case it will be at all.. but it made me smile..

Because GOD sees us all very differently than man views man and man’s achievements here on earth.. And even though I count myself as among the least on earth and I don’t think people realise there is worth in everyone and I know in my own life this to be truth at this time anyway.. I KNOW I am worthy of JESUS dying for me.. and I know GOD doesn’t create junk!! I know all of us are immeasurably priceless.. It just helps me in this life I live to keep my focus on how GOD sees us all differently and the roles we play here..

“I heard the laughter of GOD in the midst of me and within the world, and was suddenly changed. Old patterns and ideas were shattered and passed away — a new loveliness of LIFE was exposed to view” Walter Lanyon



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