Creativity Unleashed


Just write whatever.. blockages lol.. Why oh why do I see so much untapped potential in others.. and why I feel so unable to help them.. I say something but I see they are not considering me.. but I don’t know what they are thinking though.. I get so little feedback.. It says.. what you have to say.. means nothing.. I see so much lack in peoples life.. they are truly stuck.. I get blank myself.. and I wish I could just say the magic word.. to unplug their bath and let the stuckedness go swirling out like dirty water.. down and out.. down and out..

So they are smiling.. they are motivated.. they are able to be who GOD created them to be in all their glory.

I feel I am not enough to do that.. but I know the source of life is with me.. how to tap YOU LORD.. it always comes back to YOU… I know I am not enough.. but then I have YOU.. So the answer is within me then..

LORD.. unblock me to create in me the imagination and freedom to release what YOU have for each person I come in contact with.. not being fearful of what they might think but releasing to them ways and means or words and dreams to take them higher and make their wings sprout.. So that they can see for themselves the ways and means to be free.. To fly and soar and create so much more in their lives.. To be free… to not have to worry but think up new ways to do almost anything..

Yes yes that is what I would like to do.. what I want.. I don’t care how it comes.. or what it brings to me.. that this is done for every one who needs it that I come across.. that is more than enough for me.. Just need the flow to flow.. the know to know and the go to go.. LOL.. And to do so.. wherever and whenever.. to see the souls ignite.. it only takes a spark to get a fire raging.. and it cannot be contained..

It starts… and each one can affect every one they come in contact with.. wow.. you can see a revival can’t you.. out of just flowing where you flow but its about the flow isn’t it.. because its unstoppable.. and all one needs is to let it flow and it will do what its supposed to do.. Its what we all need… because its not for one its for all.. and it doesn’t mean the same thing its coloured differently in every soul.. Its custom fitted but each uniquely designed for the one who receives it.. believes it..

I can see it sweeping the earth, catching up everyone.. no one will miss out.. its glorious and gorgeous.. and it will not be boring at all.. and everyone will have their part to play.. in the grandest production of all time.. everyone is invited.. and it all started with letting the CREATOR have HIS way!!!!!



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