Totally Opposite


Incredible how it works..

Thinking how seemingly little is affected by my life.. how little influence I have on anyone..

And GOD reminds me that I cannot go by outward appearances.. I was sitting around this afternoon scrap booking for personal reasons and just doing quiet at home things.. my usual one friend on face book I chat with was away.. Just no one around and I was feeling invisible and unwanted by anyone but not sad with it.. just aware of how it is.. You know the days when no one contacts you (family or friends) and you wonder that maybe its because you have nothing to offer them so why would they..

But… and this is why I write now.. GOD reminds me of times past.. where HE moved people because of something I did inadvertently… HE also reminds me of Gideon in the bible who was hiding in caves.. said to be the weakest of the weak of the tribes of Israel yet when the angel of the LORD appeared to him.. he was called.. “Mighty man of valour”.. or something totally opposite of what he in fact really was..

GOD has a habit of using weaknesses to show HIS strength.. moving in different ways to what people expect.. Don’t you love that about HIM.. Gives us all hope!!!!

Truly in my life I have not ever lived so hidden, isolated and even on social media kind of fading away.. even though I am there every day.. It does kinda make you look at your life and wonder what you are indeed doing wrong.. but GODS encouragement has flooded my soul.. I think now instead I am in fact exactly where I need to be.. And doing exactly what I should be doing..

Being that a total change of thoughts came to my mind which is so powerful.. and the peace and strength just emanate out of me instead of hopelessness.

Getting home not long ago from picking up a daughter from High School .. and after preparing food for our evening meal I now quickly run to type up this blog post. All this inspiration that comes into my mind I know is GOD despite me.. Yippee!!

I know I must write this post and I love that out of nothing comes something.. That I can write at all and it flows easily shows me GOD is working and the fact I am not discouraged that no one may read it.. Wow!!
For it has not come from any other source.. and I know it was not from my thoughts or heart.. because I was thinking total opposite.. There is a great blessing on GOD simply in us.. does not matter how it appears..

I had not long ago written to a face book friend whose marriage is in trouble.. and I was telling her how GOD sees her and her husband.. Which made me think.. silly me.. GOD doesn’t see me invisible but indeed a very bright shiny light that majorly affects the world around me.. And that I can write now.. and even the pics and verse on the pic all came to mind very easily and quickly.. Shows me greater things are happening..

I realise no matter how it seems.. or how it looks or how many hits/likes/comments a post gets and how many people I talk too through my day or how many faces I see.. GOD is with me.. HE doesn’t fail.. and I need to see it all differently too..




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