Kiss of Heaven


Trembling with mussed up hair..
Mercy me.. here she is with pjs on..
Not fit to be seen..
HE steps out and holds out his hand..
What can I see?
Behind him a dance floor.. we would be alone..
Im scared.. look at me?
Am I fit to dance with?
Yet all my troubles behind seem to fade away..
HIS eyes burn away with love..
I suddenly feel naked..
Completely transparent before HIM..
The way HE looks at me..
HE is a king.. but its only me HE sees..
I begin to feel precious..
I am smiling..
In an instant I take HIS hand…
And we dance.. I am not naked anymore..
I feel sheathed in luxurious robes.
They feel perfectly fitted to me..
Everything is as it should be..
I am trembling..
But at peace…
HE is dancing with me.. and we move effortlessly..
I feel at home..
Is this forever after?
I am so taken up in bliss..
HE bends down and gives me a kiss..
Have we stopped?
Than I suddenly realise I am alone.. in my pjs..
But I am tingling and alive from top to toe..
I know I will never be the same again..
I turn around smiling back to my world..
Adjusting my invisible crown..



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