Inside Out Living



Writing on a passage that jumped out at me as I read “Seven Spirits Burning” by John Crowder and also a day top turner quote.. called “Seize the Day”..

I want to think about these things in relation to my life.. and how I have been looking at it..

Ponder.. think.. as online friend Dustin often says.. think outside of the box.. but its true.. we are made new creations.. and yet we continue to live the same old way.. and of course nothing changes and we wonder why heaven stays separately and away from us.

The quote is.. “Change your thoughts and you change your world ~ Norman Vincent Peale”

I see that as speaking directly to me.. Ohh how the signs are all around us.. GOD is in everything.. so to start seeing HIM in everything.. Not the bad.. but in positive good ways of course..

These are what I was reading.. in short form..

*** Old Covenant highlighted sin.. looked for future breakthrough..

*** New Covenant points to the righteousness of Christ.. looked backwards to the reality of what Christ has once and for all accomplished..

For me personally I would often define my life as waiting.. waiting for breakthroughs.. asking for things.. wanting things to change.. sigh.. Feeling the effects of my sinful world and being ever aware of my short falls.. oh how many of them that I have..

But in light of these revelations… maybe my thinking has to change.. but how can I get out of this waiting..

How can I simply believe that all has come to me because JESUS already made it all happen.. when I just don’t see it???? That I am ‘gulp’ now made “righteous”..

Can I live whole.. perfect.. when my world seems anything but.. well maybe I don’t have too.. but I just simply have to believe it that it is done.. change the way I think about it.. and maybe then my world will change around me..

I need to define my life differently.. forever onwards.. Checked on the word in a dictionary ~ Purpose ~ With a purpose that an anticipated outcome is intended that guides my planned actions..

Also I am listening to the song.. Butterfly.. by Mariah Carey… I think there is something in the life of the butterfly that resounds in this pattern of course for her she is created new and just lives it.. 🙂 I guess the butterfly does not think at all about her previous life as a caterpillar.. Because nothing for us outwardly changes.. we have to begin by renewing our thinking.. Inside to the Outside..



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