Even Though I Don’t See I Believe


Long endless battles.. sicknesses that stubbornly stay… seemingly unanswered prayers.. cries of the heart.. lack of seeing lots of miracles.. or mass healing’s or having revivals break out.. or being placed where your heart desires..

Yet JESUS says “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” John 20:29

I am amazed as I travel along.. to see who are the ones who stubbornly stay the course of faith.. I know many who have had amazing prayers answered.. whose lives greatly improve as you watch the years go by and indeed many great souls have helped me along the path.. There are those who see miracles and attend healing services where jewels appear.. and people leap for joy freed from pain and suffering..

But amazingly its the ones who continue to stay where they are, where little appears to change.. unseen struggles and they seem to see far less of the glorious.. that incredibly keep trudging ever onwards like good christian soldiers..
They are what constantly amaze me.. the human spirit is GOD like.. for it can live on even when the body.. surroundings around it are anything but nice and may in fact be impossibly hard.. In fact it can shine and blaze away but the crazy thing is.. few seem to see it.. including the very same ones.. ohhh how I see it.. in my weakness this crazy crazy strength.. this unbelievable desire to keep believing no matter what.. You know its not from within you..

I feel its for us to open eyes and put this on display.. make people look at this phenomenon and marvel at all the more because its the biggest miracle there is.. That is how willing and virtually indestructible the spirit is.. even when the body is weak the spirit is shining its just we need to see it… Tap its power.. and live from that realm.. I can tell you once you start seeing this.. you will see GOD.. everywhere..

For me its the little things.. the things maybe no one else knows or find interesting or helpful.. that give me incredible indestructible hope..

Just now chatting to a friend.. but reading a kindle book on my iPad between messages.. he says the exact same word in chat I just read in my ebook. Incredible.. in that small moment a cosmic meeting of our two worlds.. and blink its gone.. to him.. it just passed by.. but to me I feel its weight.. And even moreso after I explained to him and he went on to talk about something else.. LOL.. It made me feel ohhh… ummm… my world stopped there for a few seconds.. wait on.. He was talking about his visions etc.. lol.. for me it was just one little word.. but my world was set on fire..

So it bore this writing now because eek the conversation kinda died.. that one little word.. gave me hope.. that there is something greater going on.. That my friend did not see the significance made me think of it even more… when others don’t see what we see it doesn’t make it less real and I don’t know.. A fierce determination takes hold that we are going to believe even more…

GOD does show HIMSELF in the unseen you can find that there is nowhere HE is not. Incredible.. something powerful happens.. we just take hold of it.. no matter how small and believe.. and somehow in others not seeing we can still get the blessing anyway and run with it.. and its so powerful because its like a little spark that can set a forrest on fire.. No wonder the devil tries to hard to stop GOD.. but look he might stop a lot of things in our lives but he is nothing against a GOD who is everywhere and a stubborn faith that refuses to believe no matter what.. Ha ha.. when the enemy comes in like a flood.. the Spirit of the LORD just reveals HIMSELF… no flood. no evil.. no great calamity can stand against the LORD.. in HIS glory..

The sun always shines even when it rains.. its there shining.. it never stops.. the light is always shining.. so GOD is here always.. even when it doesn’t seem it.. HE is here.. so if we cannot see HIM or feel HIM or see HIS hand.. YES YES YES we can still believe and should more and more because JESUS says we are blessed even more if we do.. and I testify we do actually start to see the unseen when we refuse to bow to circumstances.. give up our faith no matter what.. because its not our faith that is the answer.. Its because our faith is in all that is HIM!!!

I cannot explain it but I will try.. but those who do this too will understand.. our belief…even tiny minute faith… does indeed open a door of blessing to untold treasures.. We start to see HIM everywhere.. its in the unseen we start to truly see and then we always get the blessing..



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