Easy, Beautiful, Yours!!!


“GODS glory is when a persons spirit/soul/body shines with the knowledge of HIM & as people are freed to live authentic lives… that is how HE has created us to live..”
A knowledge of the truth sets you free.. JESUS said HE is the truth.. HE is your Savior and seeing HE has already come into this world and completed HIS mission which was to redeem us.. it is already done!!! Creation has been redeemed!!!! All that is missing now is knowledge about HIM and what HE has done.. Isn’t that the most amazing news!!!

Children and babies have a glow.. little ones.. I think that is because they were with HIM before they came to us and they had not been tainted by this world.. and its said little ones angels see the face of GOD..

They say there is also a glow on those who are about to die in this world.. Remember GOD is with us all.. even those who do not know HIM yet..
Now YOU can know.. right now.. how precious you are and how beloved you are.. Nothing to do but believe it is YOURS!!! JESUS did it all for you.. that’s good news..
There truly is nothing more beautiful is there.. than the glory of GOD being revealed in all of us.. we have just been blinded to it by evil and because we were ignorant of what salvation really is.. JESUS redeemed all of us on the cross and by becoming one of us to live perfectly and die perfectly in our place evil has been dealt with.. So right now YOU.. yes YOU can shine for your light has come..



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