Finding expression is freeing to me.. It took most of my life before I realised this was the path that nurtured my soul most..
Honestly when I stop.. I become a dry river bed.. everything appears to freeze..

The ways I like to create are through keeping a diary, writing, blogging, drawing, art journalling, a little painting.. photography, also scrap booking…

I’ve always admired artists who can find the inspiration to make beautiful and interesting things.. I love colours.. and quotes and spiritually motivated expression of any kind. I like when a soul is incorporated into it and you can see that, feel that.. and your moved by it..

The more you see.. truly the more you see..

This piece “Blue Fairy Wren” of Australia.. (I’m Australian and have never seen one). I created last night via my iPad and an ap called “Paper” digital art is one of my favourite styles because you can delete and work without ruining paper or making a mess..

Art is being free from all the world’s heaviness ~ Taken from Pinterest

I was freer with this picture then ever before.. not being anal about the details.. but concentrating more on shape and colour and form.. and it was easier to do.. I will confess I get intimidated by good artists… I think ohhh can never do as good as someone else… I am happy with this.. and am getting better with practice.. Except the feet.. I can work on a piece for a good length of time.. but when it comes near the end I think I am taking too long and tend to rush..

I love little birds.. I have quite a few little ornaments on my window sill of birds.. they encourage my soul.. they remind me that GOD takes care of them and how much more does HE love and take care of me… When I see them I am reminded that GOD is everywhere.. and HE is watching over me as HE is all creation..

I find when I am creating.. I am more at peace.. and I have more energy.. and I am more focused.. my soul feels energised.. I have more inspiration and I can feel happier with myself and the world..



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