What are you proud of? Blog about your biggest accomplishment.



Wow it would have to be.. Knowing and learning about GOD.. Proud I know HIM.. but its more than that.. Its knowing HIM more and more since first knowing HIM.. and realising there is SO much more to come.. Like being on a roller coaster that keeps going.. the fun never stops.. I suppose it’s realising in the dull moments that the fun never has to stop.. You can find out you are switched off to it.. and yet its still there.. I am proud of knowing HE’s always there… I am always a part of HIM.. This is my purpose in life.. To be a part of GOD.. and come into all that this means even now..

I look back and wow.. I didn’t know then… what I know now.. It’s a growing, learning process..

Now when I say I am proud of knowing.. It’s just really that I’m glad I know HIM… I mean HE first knew me..

Scripture says.. Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart.. Jeremiah 1:5

It’s coming into that.. being aware.. especially living it and knowing its far more real than anything else.. So much more to it then what you learn as you go through because you keep learning it and the learning doesn’t stop.. HE is much bigger than all that man knows..

Anything negative you can laugh at.. because that’s not HIM and it is so small compared to HIM.. HE is good.. really really good.. and all the good things are HIM.. and you can have them too.. lol.. it’s just not what mankind thinks about HIM.. I mean people get so afraid of prosperity.. LOL.. it’s just a small part of it..

I mean when you see the mountain looming before you, are you going to be looking at the little flowers all about you?? You are aware of them.. and maybe before you saw the mountain you took pictures close up.. and you marvelled at them and wondered at their colours and variety.. But when you saw the mountain.. it took your breath away and drew your full attention.
You wanted to climb it.. to paint it.. to photograph it.. to keep looking at it.. its grand size made you forget all about the flowers.. and focus on the bigger.. huge.. magnificent grandeur..

I think you get the picture.. prosperity is good.. and it does certainly make life easier but HE made all that too.. and although you can enjoy it and its good when you have more.. HE is bigger and when you glimpse how amazing HE is.. prosperity kind of fades in comparison… You are enamoured by the size.. the wonder.. the glory of HIM.. not the mere things HE can do..

Nothing else compares..

Yes I have gotten annoyed too by people who made it all about “GOD” in the past.. I mean HE is all that they talked about.. but that is because I didn’t know how they are feeling and how much HE had done for them.. Sure its true many can speak about HIM and not actually know HIM.. but its the ones that kind of glow when they talk and write about HIM in ways that either annoy the heck out of you or your hungry for more.. The ones that keep the glow that you cannot deny something is going on.. they have un-tappable joy… that make you wonder… And no matter what they go through it’s all about HIM. That some how they reached some kind of plateau you missed.. They have found some kind of mystery…

You never think to ask why or see that its good…. why is that? We get envious or angry or try to explain it away or give a good reason why its harder for us…

Proud might not be the right word when summing up how I feel about this journey.. but that is the question that I was asked in my study book… so it stays as the theme I am writing about right now.

I’m certainly happy I know HIM.. It’s a happiness… joy… that comes on me.. even just when I think on HIM.. it wells up and I can find myself laughing.. Love that..

There is a scripture that says.. In HIS presence is joy.. Psalm 16:11

When I used to read that.. I’m like.. yes of course.. but when you think about it.. GOD says I am with you always.. then why are so few experiencing that joy?

That’s what I am proud of.. that I now know that joy.. I have it.. I’m proud of that.. so many say.. they cannot see GOD.. well look at me.. hee hee.. see the joy.. that’s HIS presence.. its real.. and its something we can have.. right now.. no matter what our circumstances are..

See if you look only at the flowers.. you might miss the mountain.. but if you see the flowers growing on the mountain side.. you are seeing the bigger picture.. and able to enjoy it all at the same time..

This is it.. the scripture says.. the Kingdom of GOD is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost. Romans 14:17

So this is what I am excited about.. the fact that I am experiencing what GOD says is HIS realm, HIS kingdom.. the joy.. I have been shown and am learning what righteousness is.. and I have experienced HIS peace.. oh how I love that.. so I am assured and happy that I have been experiencing the Kingdom of GOD and because this goes on after life on earth what could be a bigger accomplishment than this!!!!


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