It Will Work Out



Don’t know what is breaking into my realm but something is!!

I’m tired of this struggling I want to bloom and I’m going too!!!!! But I’ve been missing it for some reason.

Let me explain….

I’ve learned a lot about JESUS lately.. and yes for me it always gets back to HIM.. HE says HE came to give life and not just life but life in the full.. HE says HE is the way to GOD, is the truth and says HE is the life..

HE says HE is with me and through HIM all is brought to completion so why am I experiencing much less right now?

Either it is all lies or I am not experiencing it because I am not living aware of what I already have!!

Right now there have been many things to say different; ill health keeping us from living life in the full.. I have a daughter recovering from Emergency Surgery over the weekend… a teenage son at home.. with a myriad of problems that means he has had a lot of time off from school and we still don’t know what is wrong.. My own health I have had some niggly concerns that could amount to something serious.. No money and little food.. And its enough to make you feel depressed or mad.. thinking about all that..

BUT… if I focus on GOD and what HE says.. HE is with me and He promises there is so much more to experience if Spirit is where I live from. Spirit and flesh are totally different. But amazingly Spirit is greater and is not limited!!!! God is SPIRIT.

I must have a different sense about it all and see that I have the answer within me.. Surely it will work out.. and there is no need for alarm.. even just shifting my thought this way I start to feel better.. at peace.. Even though nothing appears different around me there’s a sense I am onto something that will change everything no matter how it is now.

This post is trying to say what is coming to me…what is on my mind…

Its a different mind set that focuses on an unseen GOD; how can I explain.. Hmm.. see pic… an outline of me.. and my family (bottom of picture) and maybe that outline includes some challenges within in it… but by using my spirit…. my thoughts can be focused not on the things inside the outlined picture of me and family and problems within.. But on all that lies outside my realm and the good promises GOD says even if I cannot see them with human eyes.. My mind is on GOD who is everywhere… Even with me and my family (within the outline) and also everywhere without..

And if GOD is as HE says… things WILL change..

I have been posting prayer requests for days.. sharing with family.. friends etc.. praying over myself and family.. but the problems seem to stay even though I have strong faith..

With a different mind set.. I am seeing that all is covered and I am able to focus on good instead… Not praying and praying and praying and not worrying, worrying, worrying.. but resting.. trusting.. looking to GOD… Putting my faith in HIM ~ not faith in my prayers.. not my faith in other people or faith in what is happening in my world..

For HE (GOD) is with me.. HE is enough.. HE is what I am focusing on.. HE is wisdom, HE is perfection, HE is healing, HE is all sufficient, HE is with me.. HE has promised many things..

and says..

Colossians 2:10
And so you also are complete through your union with Christ…

Complete means nothing lacking.. Psalm 23 also says.. The LORD is my shepherd.. I lack nothing..

This mind set… this way of looking at HIM.. is simple.. and again I see and am comforted that everything else will work out..

Matthew 6:33 says… But seek first HIS kingdom and righteousness… and all these things shall be added to you..

Its not denying whats going on and the lacks/needs but focusing instead on the supplier..

Philippians 4:19
And my GOD will meet all your needs according to the riches of HIS glory in Christ JESUS..


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