I could complain but…

I am going to shout instead… Ha ha.. and laugh..


Just so you know my life is not cookies and cream.. I have a head ache.. woman’s complaint that is minor but enough to make the day unpleasant if you focus on it.. Zali 12 home unwell… no money in my bank…. a teenage son that has been struggling for a while…. nothing major but enough altogether that you could get down about it.. But I sit here and talk to GOD and claim HIS promises.. oh my that is so good.. There is strength in that.. how is that you say??

Those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength.. Isaiah 40:31

I quoted that to my teenage son on the way to High School.. he was more like.. shut up mum.. but hey I said it loud a few times who knows that it won’t stick in his brain like a song lyric that plays over and over.. GOD is with him at school.. I know that comforts me.. Im not sure he is isn’t being bullied there.. he denies it.. but his whole behaviour has changed lately..

I sit here and throw all my cares on GOD.. I literally pour it out… everything.. and place my hope in GOD.. I don’t have a husband here to throw his arms around me.. or a shoulder to lean or cry on.. or someone to listen to my blabbing..
But GOD is there.. and I love that..

That scripture above also talks about even youths growing weary.. yes my teenage son is having trouble sleeping.. so he is snoozing on the way to school.. sigh.. As a single mother.. we do it all or it certainly feels like it.

Up early to take oldest daughter to Paramedic placement.. buy groceries.. look after sick kids.. do the banking.. school runs.. pay the bills.. do the housework.. lend money and plead for it back.. find lost items that we seem to be responsible for even if we didn’t lose them.. You cop the abuse too when there isn’t the right kind of food in the cupboard.. Or you don’t feel like running to the store to go shopping.. your constantly reminding people about things.. your thinking ahead when others don’t..

All this of course goes to GOD.. and I pray everywhere.. in the car.. on the couch in the lounge.. God forbid on the toilet.. ha ha..

If I complain its to GOD.. and HE hears it all.. and then I can leave it with him.. my strength does return.. because I can go ahead and trust GOD with all that I don’t have the faintest idea about how to handle knowing that even if I stuff up HE can deal with it.. I truly see all that stuff in HIS hands..

I look at HIS realm as mine.. HIM with me.. HIM going before.. HIM helping no matter what it appears is happening.. There is power in claiming promises over your household and family and just resting in that.. No weapon formed against us will come to anything!!!!! One of many but one I claimed today!

I guess its the getting up again.. the smile.. the peace.. the hope that never dies.. That I can keep coming back again, that gives you the oomph to keep on keeping on.. Its not looking at the symptoms its looking at the Saviour with determination in ones heart..

Praying with a bold heard.. courageous that GOD is with you.. and seeing yourself soaring with HIM over the storms..

Even if you feel like this – In HIS presence!



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