I Don’t Know Why GOD is so good to me??



I think I am put on earth to show GOD’s goodness through my weakness.. HE keeps flooring me with good things and I truly don’t deserve it so the best I can do is share it and emphasise how undeserving I am so HIS presence shines all the more..

HE said in the bible.. “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me..
2 Corinthians 12:9

I wouldn’t exactly say boasting.. because I am not proud.. but thats how it comes across in the bible what is said.. how it is said.. My kids and I received a money gift yesterday… $110 dollars.. its very humbling.. to be the recipient of kindness like that.. but the person who gave it… they said it was from GOD.. because of GOD they gave..

Just last week the kids and I got a big box of special treats.. my sister and her kids too.. a christian family friend this time..
There were chocolates, house hold items, food, a beautiful tea cup, and also skin care products too.. It just overwhelms me really.. This lady said GOD put my sister and I in her mind and she hadn’t done a gift box for a long time..

I sat there last night.. I just froze up it doesn’t seem fair that I receive these things.. I don’t work through the week. On a pension because I am severely hearing impaired. I get paid child support too.. I have enough money to live comfortably and yet don’t have to work.. Its scary to think if I was in another country I would be on the streets.

I don’t attend church even. I gave up because of my hearing. I don’t cook, garden, sew… sigh.. I don’t do much at all except raise kids.. share my faith.. be a friend. That’s about the scope of my life… I don’t socialise much either.

Yet GOD chooses to bless me and I could tell you of many times in the past.. I have been given anonymous gifts of money and gift cards.. time after time after time.

I do pray.. I do encourage.. I do chat with friends online who need a friend.
But I hardly could say I am busy all the time.. definitely not a great mover and shaker in this world.. I am shy, not outgoing at all and freeze up often in company cause I don’t have the gift of the gab..

The things in the photo are blessings I got today in a local thrift store.. I love these shops.. the things people give away. This store which is local is the cheapest I think in our city.. I got all this for under 10 dollars.. I count these as blessings too that the LORD gives to me.. the candle is soy and smells divine.. Frangipani.. I must light it and see how fragrant it is some candles the smell they give.. truly amazing..

May God bless anyone who reads this.. HE said that if I lift HIM up HE will draw people to HIMSELF.. I like that.. 🙂


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  1. You are beautiful and are doing exactly what He wants you to do. He takes care of the rest as you are finding out. Just receive the gifts, help, and mostly the love being returned to you. You are a blessing to many more than you know and is how it should be. Love you Sharon

    • Wow I only just posted that lol.. That was quick!! I continue to be flabbergasted and overwhelmed by the gifts – and replies/time/words/heart/ etc that come just like this!!! Thank you Mal

  2. I totally relate. I imagine you saw the Question of Human Suffering post under my Most Popular list? Testimony of something like
    this x 1000. I’ve been giving a lot of thought to (the birth of a post) giving, how that’s the essence of the gospel. I share your happiness.

    I don’t think this post even made it out on the Reader – I didn’t even know to tag it back then. Hope it blesses you. It’s short:


    Thanks for the follow. Blessings.

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