Which direction does one want to venture with their new blog?




* Well I got a back ground/ theme going I can tick that box!!!

* You can see a little info about me even!!

* Kind of psychedelic color theme goes with peace child doesn’t it. I like that!!

I guess I’m getting a little more confident here!! Maybe I can explain why I use the name peace child and eternal added to that.. Might make a nice start..

God and me are one!! Cannot take GOD out of the girl or the girl out of GOD.. So rather than think hippy.. think inner peace.. We are told to come to GOD as a child and that is how we see HIS kingdom so there is the “child” and that’s how I come.. And I should add.. I like to write HIS name in CAPS.. It might be a shouting thing out in the world of internet use.. but to me its reverence and hey I get mighty glad some day and do in fact make some noise using HIS name..

Peace to me became my thing, my word, my life.  When in 1997 my then husband and I lost a baby boy. I am now divorced but back then I was married. I might post about this more later on. But through that period when our infant son was born, got sick and died. I received a miracle. Not our son living on earth, but rather I received a great out of this world peace. Which has changed my whole life and how I see things. So much so that I can smile when others are crying. So peace has become my “word” if you like. There really is so much more to this. I have talked to many many parents who have lost children and babies’ and all I can say is.. very few if any got peace. I don’t understand it myself but I thank GOD for it.. and I suppose it motivates me more to seek GOD, tell about HIM and find what I know is much more than  many might find.

Also in reference to “child” I am child like. In faith, in explaining myself, in the way I live. So it fits. I usually call myself peacechild4 but that name on here was taken.

Eternal though means never ending. Of the Spirit which I focus on much more than the flesh. I live by my Spirit and faith in GOD.  I love that GOD looks at the heart. I hope I do too with the people I come across.. And also that I live from the heart more than my head.

I added the picture above because online is my world. I am hearing impaired so normal communication is zip really so its more natural for me to gravitate here.  Oh man I love this. In person I stand back. I cannot get involved. It sucks. Being surrounded by people I cannot communicate with its fruitless.  I cannot rely on spoken words, listening to others. My world is text, online, to a screen be what ever mode that is. Written communication, spirit, having to rely on senses on what is unseen is my life. It flows here.. It just does..



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